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Investment Consulting

Tax-Assistance is a trademark owned by SAS BARRAYS LEGACY, member of the CNCIF (National Chamber of Investment and Financial Consultants), association approved by the AMF (Financial Markets Authority) since the 13th of December 2005.

Ever since its creation, our firm has developed only upon recommendation of satisfied clients, expressing their gratitude and trust by communicating about our services.

Because we want to keep that qualitative approach based on mutual trust and recommendation, we wish to keep on reserving our services of Investment Consulting only to people or companies who can justify of a given recommendation from an existing or past client, a consultant from our firm, or from a friend known of the partners or consultants working with Tax-Assistance.

We can provide four services for which Tax-Assitance has got a recognized know-how.

Mortage Optimization

Financial experts know how profitability and taxation can be impacted depending on your financial planning. Are you sure you have chosen the best option to finance your project ?

Make sure you have taken the best option
Let us find the optimal solution for you and get the mortgage that is most adapted to your situation.

I’m looking for the optimal solution

Household Assets Audit

Your family managed to build wealth and assets, will you manage to keep on developing and optimizing it ?

  • Diversification,
  • Do your assets match with your risk sensivity ?
  • Taxation,
  • Transmission and Legacy.

I want an analysis on those matters