We are…

... consultants, accountants, legal and tax managers, we specialize in real estate tax management for individuals and we work in partnership with chartered accountants. Historically, our company has specialized in tax and accounting assistance for English speaking and foreign clients. Our team is 100% bilingual French/English.

According to the complexity and constant change of tax regimes, we also provide solutions to French residents who are currently expressing their increasing need of expertise in these areas.

In partnership with the accounting firm ACI in Marseille and through a growing network of financial, accounting and real estate professionals, there are hundreds of fiscal monitoring records with which we have been entrusted.

Our Mission…

… Tax-Assistance Presentation Video: Services and Testimonies

… our goal is to help you maximize the profitability of your current or future investments, reducing the impact of your taxation and assist you with your financial options.

Tax-Assistance constantly adapts to modern tools that provide monitoring, quality and responsiveness. Our company ensures customer satisfaction by responding to their needs in terms of property taxes, resale of furnished property, investment advice and financing.